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20 letter that, after looking at the staff investigation and applicable law, the Commission voted 4-0 that the complaint against him should be dismissed.

The letter stated, "Evidence gathered during the course of the investigation reflected that you had never ordered any firearms from Kel-Tec using official letterhead or otherwise.

Investigation and Decision According to the Ethics Commission, it began an investigation into whether Roork, who is now Chief Deputy of the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, used his position as Chief of Police and Walker used his position as a Salem City Police Patrolman "to obtain special privileges or exemptions in connection with using law enforcement letterhead to purchase firearms from Kel-Tec (a Florida fire arms manufacturer) and then reselling the weapons for personal profit." In February, two Ethics Commission investigators traveled to Salem and Mountain Home to talk to Roork, Walker and Doug Niendick, the individual who filed the complaint. 20, Arkansas Ethics Commission Director Graham Sloan sent letters to Roork and Walker explaining that the results of the staff's investigation were presented to a Feb. "At that time, the Commission decided, by a vote of 4-0..probable cause exists for finding that you violated Ark. 21-8-304(a)." That is the statute that prohibits public officials from using their position to obtain special privileges.

The letters detail that, besides using official Salem Police Department letterhead to order guns, evidence shows, "that the guns were invoiced to the City of Salem and then paid for with a City of Salem check after your personal funds were deposited into the City's bank account.

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to make a donation can drop it off at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office or the Fulton County Fair Office. For more information on the program contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office or call the Fulton County Fair Office at 870-895-5565.