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Sam reveals his latest conquest and arranges a double date for him and Spencer but is left feeling annoyed after discovering Spencer has gone behind his back and has slept with the girl he was lusting over.[13] Jamie tells Lucy about Alex’s continuous mistreatment to Binky admitting he has slept with other girls with Spencer since they have broken up leaving Lucy with no choice but to tell her friend.

Alex is left with a lot of explaining to do as Binky grills him on latest betrayal.

Lucy finds out about Riley and Jamie’s date and gives her an ultimatum, the choice of her job or Jamie.

When she chooses Jamie, Lucy has no choice but to fire her.

Alex regrets not fighting for Binky so tries to prove to her and her friends that he still wants to be with her.

Episode 6 (air date: 2014-05-12) Alex leaves Binky’s house having had sex with her, but she’s scared of how the girls will react once she tells them the news.

Riley and Stevie go out on a date much to Sam’s disappointment, leaving Louise no choice but to stand up for her brother.